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How much does it cost to book a band?

The price depends on many different factors so it's best to get a detailed quote from us. As a guide, prices start at around £200 for a jazz solo pianist and around £1080 for the 5 piece version of Pandora's Jukebox.

Do the band have their sound equipment?

Yes. Up to a 5kw professional sound system is included for any of the larger bands (reduced where appropriate) which is suitable for most typical venues and marquees. Proper stage lighting is also included. Any band that requires a PA will have this cost factored into the quote. For larger scale events such as corporate functions, awards ceremonies etc, we are happy to work with production companies hired in by the client or alternatively, we have production companies that we've worked closely with in the past that can spec larger scale sound and lighting equipment for up to 5000 people.

How much space does the band require?

The Band will happily set up on or off stage, indoors or out (providing the weather is good or measures are taken to provide protection). As a guide, the following measurements show our suggested space requirements:

For the jazz options without PA:

1 – 2 musicians: 1.8m x 2.5m
3 – 4 musicians: 2.2m x 3.5m
5 – 6 musicians: 2.8m x 4.2m
7 – 8 musicians: 3.0m x 4.5m

For Pandora's Jukebox:

5 Piece Band: 5m x 3m (WxD)
8 Piece Band: 6m x 3.5m (WxD)
14 Piece Band: 8m x 4m (WxD)

How long does it take to set up?

For the jazz options without a PA, we usually allow a minimum of half an hour set up time. Ideally, we'd arrive an hour before the playing start time to set up. For the larger bands with PA, usually it takes about an hour to set up once all the gear has been unloaded. How long it takes to unload the gear depends on how far away from the loading point the stage is. We generally ask that the sound engineer be allowed access to the stage to begin setup of the PA & lights a minimum of 2.5 hours before the band are due to play. This will leave enough time for a sound check and then time for the musicians to get changed ready for the performance start time. It is possible for us to set up earlier in the day, but please bear in mind that an early set up fee may need be included for this in our quote. (Ask for more details)

What power requirements do you have?

For small groups without PA, one 13A feed to the performance area is required. For the larger bands, we require an absolute minimum of 2 separate 13A feeds to the performance area (i.e. from two separate wall sockets, not from an extension unit). This is to ensure our equipment does not overload the supply. If the supply is from a generator, we will need confirmation from the provider/venue/client that these power requirements are met.

Do you have PLI and PAT certificates?

Yes, all equipment is PAT tested annually and we have Public Liability Insurance up to £10m.

What happens in the break(s)?

If so desired, appropriate music can be played from CD or iPod in any breaks. We can provide this or alternatively, we are happy to play a clients CD or iPod through our equipment. Will we be required to provide food and drink for the band? For most evening performances, a hot meal music be provided for all musicians. Alternatively, the band can eat at a local restaurant provided the cost is covered by the client and at least an hour is provided between completing setup and starting playing. Free water and soft drinks to be supplied.

How will the band travel and do we need to provide parking?

Parking will need to be provided for all vehicles. In addition to this, we will need to park as close to the venue as possible for unloading (even if the vehicles need moving once unloaded). No travel is charged for events within the M25 however any parking and congestion charges will need to be reimbursed. Anywhere further than this is charged at approximately 16p per mile per vehicle required. We will happily travel anywhere in the EU but travel costs will be factored into our quotes. If the event is a considerable distance from London and/or the band are requested to finish playing at a particularly late time, then overnight accommodation may be necessary. Please ask for more details.

How late will the band play?

The latest finishing time included in our standard pricing is Midnight. You can extend this for an extra charge - the latest finishing time available is 2am. Please note that for locations far away from London, overnight accommodation may be required if the finish time is to be midnight - otherwise the finish time will need to be brought forward. Please ask for details

What do the musicians wear?

Usually the musicians will wear dark suits without ties. If your event requires us to dress more formally then DJ and black ties can be specified. If the event is less formal and you would prefer a more casual appearance, this can also be specified.

How do we go about booking?

Click here to fill in an enquiry form - we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours. Once we have confirmed availability and discussed all necessary details we will post or email a contract which you must then return signed with a 15% deposit. You will be required to agree to the terms of booking.