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The Jazz Bopsters are a hugely flexible group of first-rate jazz musicians that are highly experienced in providing musical entertainment for almost any event or occasion.

With every member on the books having been properly trained at one of the London music conservetoires, you are guaranteed a memorable performance that will leave your guests wowed and wanting to hear more.

The jazz bopsters are available in a huge range of different formats and line-ups – these are shown in categories below to help you choose what will suit your event most:

Background Jazz

All these options are perfect for adding ambience to an occasion without drawing too much attention to it i.e. for drinks receptions or during a meal.

  • Solo Singer Pianist

  • Solo Pianist

  • Jazz Duo - Either piano + bass or piano + sax

  • Jazz Trio - Either piano, bass + drums or piano, bass + sax

  • Jazz Quartet - Piano, bass, drums + sax

  • Swing / Jazz for dancing

    This is where you can find bands suitable for providing music for jazz and swing lovers to dance to – perfect for evening parties.

  • Swing Quartet - Piano, bass, guitar + drums

  • Swing Quintet - As above but adding a sax

  • Swing Sextet - As above but adding a trumpet

  • Swing Septet - As above but adding a trombone

  • Mini Big Band - 9/10 piece - piano, bass, drums, guitar, 2 trumpets, 2 saxes, trombone & vocalist