Terms of Booking

Important Information...

The following terms are non-negotiable and will be outlined in any contract issued by Dougie's Music.
Please read very carefully and ensure you understand all the requirements set – if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us on: 0845 463 5154.

How to Book

Contract & Deposit

Once you have enquired, chosen your band and agreed all details with us, we will hold the date for 7 days. We will issue a contract via email, which must be signed within 7 days. We use echosign (online signing tool) so there will be no need to post it. In addition to this, the 15% deposit must also be paid and cleared into our account within 7 days – this must be paid by bank transfer. Please note the signed contract will not be valid until the deposit payment has cleared into our account. Please also note that if the contract is not returned and deposit are not paid within 7 days, the date will no longer be held and you may lose the band you were hoping to book; the contract would also become void and a new contract would need to be issued if you wished to continue with the booking.


Once the contract is signed and the deposit paid, if the booking is cancelled for any reason, a cancellation fee will be incurred.
Notice of cancellation may only be given in writing and sent to Dougie’s Music Inc. 9 Appleshaw House, London, SE5 8DW or emailed to info@dougiesmusic.com.
If 60 days or more notice is given, we will refund the deposit.
If less than 60 days notice is given, we will retain the deposit.
If less than 30 days notice is given, a cancellation fee of 25% of the total contracted fee will be payable.
If less than 15 days notice is given, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total contracted fee will be payable.
If less than 7 days notice is given, a cancellation fee of 100% of the total contracted fee will be payable.

Altering the booking

If the date of the booking has to be changed less than 15 days in advance of the date of the event, a date change charge will be incurred of 25% of the total contracted fee. Please note, dates of bookings (i.e. changes to contracts) can only be changed with written consent from both Dougie's Music and the client. Date changing is subject to availability of musicians on alternative date and cannot be guaranteed.
If the band is to be reduced (e.g. 6 piece band to a 5 piece band), then a band reduction charge will be incurred. This will be the cost of any musicians' fee(s) cut from the lineup plus a £25 administration charge.
If the band is to be changed or added to, the cost of the new band will be issued in a fresh contract and invoice plus a £50 administration charge. Any additional deposit will need to be paid along with signing the new contract. Please note that the original contract will only become void once the new contract has been signed and the deposit paid accordingly.
Band reductions or band changes can only be made with written consent from both Dougie's Music and the client.

Appropriate Choice of Band

Venue Constraints

Does the venue have a noise (decibel) limiter present or any other rules set on noise levels? If so, we will need to know before the contract is signed as it could render a performance from certain bands impossible. Please note that if a booking has to be cancelled due to these constraints coming to light on the day, the standard cancellation procedure will still apply.

Music for background or music for dancing...

As a rule, if you think that it is likely that your guests are going to want to get up and dance to the music, then a minimum of a quintet is required whether Swing or Pop. Similarly, we recommend the largest ensemble for background jazz be a quartet. Don't be put off by the idea of drums in a background jazz quartet. All our drummers are extremely sensitive and are just as capable of playing quietly as they are playing loudly!
Just as an example of a situation that we would prefer not to be in on the day of your event for all parties concerned; a solo singer pianist is not suitable for dancing. And it is almost impossible for a trio without drums to play something you can dance to!

Acoustics of the venue

For the safety of yours and your guests hearing, it is a good idea to consider your venue carefully if you are set on booking one of the larger bands! Big open halls with high ceilings and wooden floors are not ideal as the sound will reverberate greatly around the room and make it very difficult to control. That's not to say we can't do it – there are measures we can take to minimise this effect, but if you are serious music lovers and you have the option of a more acoustically suitable venue, we would recommend going for that.

Performance space

All bands are happy to set up on the floor or on a raised stage but please bear in mind the following space requirements when choosing which one to go for:

The Jazz Bopsters/Dougie Freeman (Background Music Bands)

1 – 2 musicians: 2.5m x 1.8m (WxD)
3-4 musicians: 4m x 2m (WxD)

The Jazz Bopsters (Swing Music Bands)

5 – 6 piece: 4.5m x 2.5m (WxD)
9 piece mini big-band: 5m x 3m (WxD)

Pandora's Jukebox

5 Piece Band: 5m x 3m (WxD)
8 Piece Band: 6m x 3.5m (WxD)
14 Piece Band: 7m x 4m (WxD)

The London City Big Band

7m x 4.5m (WxD)

Technical & Logistical Requirements

For the purposes of this section, "larger" bands refer to all bands that come with PA and Lighting - i.e. Pandora's Jukebox, the larger Jazz Bopsters swing bands and the London City Big Band. "Smaller" bands refer to all solo acts and background jazz options.


For larger bands, at least three 13A sockets (from three separate wall sockets – not all on one extension cable) are required. If powered from a generator, we advise that we may draw up to 8kw of power.
For smaller bands, one 13A socket is required.

Please note, the power sockets must be at the performance area. If the power outlets are not near the performance area, it will be your responsibility to ensure any necessary extension leads are in place to make it so. Please make doubly sure that multiple feeds are not all running from one wall socket as this will cause an overload.

Loading & Parking

Please bear in mind, that we cannot start setting up until all the gear is at the performance space and all vehicles parked. Therefore, the closer the loading-point (where we can pull up our vehicles) to the performance space the better.
Please note, if the loading-point is far from the performance space, you will need to let us know in advance so we can alter the timing to suit. If you fail to mention this in advance, it may cause a delay to the start time, which will mean a shortened set.

All musicians will try to share lifts where possible, but as they are generally based all over London, the assumption must be that a parking space for every member of the band needs to be available at the venue or close-by. Any charges incurred for parking will need to be reimbursed in full.

Set-up times

All following set-up times are from when the load-in is complete i.e. all gear is at the performance space and all vehicles are parked.

For all larger bands except the full size Pandora's Jukebox line-up and the London City Big Band, set-up and sound check will take up to 90 mins.
For the full size Pandora's Jukebox line-up and London City Big Band, it will take 90 mins to set up and up to a further 60 mins to sound check.

Early Set-up

Should it come to light after the contract has been signed and deposit paid that the client requires the band to set-up earlier (i.e. if the gear needs to be set-up before guests start occupying the room) then an early set-up fee will apply. This will be calculated according to how many musicians are playing and how early the set-up needs to be. This early set-up fee must be paid by the final payment deadline. Please be advised that organising early set-up once the contract is signed may not be possible depending on the musicians other commitments during the day. Please also note that early set-up cannot be arranged after the final payment deadline.

General Band Requirements


Musicians are human and as a gig for a band is a whole afternoon/evenings work, a substantial hot meal must be provided for all musicians. Sandwiches are not an option, as they do not constitute a substantial hot meal. We will notify you of any dietary requirements at time of booking. Ideally, the band would eat once they've finished setup and sound check, before they play. If it is not possible to arrange for food to be provided, a food surcharge can be added providing there is a place suitable close-by and at least 45 minutes to eat there. Please ask for details as this must be agreed and arranged in advance.


A free supply of soft drinks and water should be supplied to the band for the duration of the evening. It is advisable to let the bar staff know or set up a band bar tab so that the band aren't troubling you during the evening.


A heated lockable room with a table and enough chairs must be provided for the sole use of the band. This will be for the band to change in, eat in and leave bags, cases and other valuable belongings in whilst performing.


The safety of our musicians and their equipment is of paramount importance at any event. Therefore, it will be your responsibility to provide suitable supervision of your guests to ensure that at no point during the event does anyone touch any of the bands equipment or instruments. Should a guest damage any equipment or instrument, it will be your responsibility to cover the bill for repair.
In addition to this, if any member of any band is threatened or assaulted by a guest, the band reserves the right to cancel the performance. Please note that no refund will be awarded in this instance.


Dougie's Music operate a strict payment upfront policy.

Final Payment

In the contract, a final payment deadline date will be issued. This will be a minimum of 3 days prior to the date of the booking and the remainder of the total contracted fee must be paid and cleared into our account by this deadline. Any failure to comply with this will incur late payment charges (see below).

Late payment charges

If the final payment deadline is not met, an administration charge of £30 will automatically be charged. This will be payable within 14 days of the date of the booking. If the late payment charge is not paid within 14 days of the booking, Dougie's Music may take legal action through the county courts to retrieve the payment.

Late payment warning

If the final payment has not cleared into our account by 24 hours before the date of the booking (i.e. by 00:01 the day before the date of the booking) – Dougie's Music reserve the right to cancel the booking and apply the maximum cancellation fee. This cancellation fee must be paid within 14 days of the date of the booking. If this cancellation fee is not paid within 14 days of the booking, Dougie's Music will take legal action through the county courts to retrieve the payment.

On the day

Schedule changes

Our bands will always endeavour to be flexible on the day to suit unavoidable schedule changes provided that there is still 45 minutes available to eat, a minimum of 15 minutes break between each set and the schedule changes do not affect the contracted finishing time (see below). The band reserve the right to shorten set times if food is not provided with enough time to eat it before playing.

Finishing times

Regardless of whether the event is running late, the contracted finishing times cannot be altered without written consent from both Dougie's Music and the client.
If a client wishes to negotiate with the band directly on the night, they may do so but please be advised that the band are under no obligation to play past the contracted finishing time.

Extended playing time

Any extended playing times must be negotiated with the leader of the band and any agreed fees must be paid in cash before extended playing times commence.
Please be advised that the band is under no obligation to play past the contracted finishing time.

Use of deputy musicians ('deps')

The band will perform with the instrumentation as advertised to the client. However, if one or more of the regular musicians are unable to make the performance due to unforeseen circumstances, a dep will be hired to take their place. Dougie's Music have a pool of musicians, all of an exceptionally high standard, on call to cover any eventuality. Usually, the only noticeable difference from the demos on our site will be if a vocalist is switched.
Please be advised that there will be no reduction in the total contracted fee if a dep musician is used. Please also be advised that the use of one or more dep musicians does not constitute grounds for cancellation.

Terms of Booking